Azure Pakistan Outsourcing Ltd (Pakistan) - Our client base is in the UK and we were looking for a designer who had has lots of experience in working with UK firms. At Essence we were happy to see an international standard work being provided to us on time and at reasonable prices. Hammad Ali (marketing assistant)
Azure Premier Pakistan Ltd (Pakistan) - Very proactive team at Essence Solution. They listen to us and get us exactly what we want. We have been doing business with them since 2014 and hope to do more business in the future. Aamir Riaz (marketing assistant)
iPlan Accounting Ltd (London) - We needed someone who would provide us with international quality standard work and we found that in Essence Solution. We have clients mainly from Europe so we needed a designer who understood the EU market. I am happy to day that not only Essence Solution provided us with highest quality of work, every time, but they also have a dedicated support team who is available round the clock. John Adams (marketing manager)
TAS Trusted Accounting Specialists Ltd (London) - I appreciate the focus that Essence Solution provides to their clients. They are always there to help and support us and get us exactly what we need. We have used their designs in various exhibitions and seminars. Truly remarkable work. Helena (marketing manager)
iPlan Umbrella Solutions Ltd (London) - Our designing needs were very complicated and detailed but Essence Solutions delivered every time. We have had a very prosperous business relationship with them for the past 2 years. Neil Glover (marketing manager)
F & F Accountants Ltd (Blackburn) - A very professional team who understand our needs. They have handled numerous of our projects and I am happy to say that all of them have been of highest standards. We look forward to doing more business with them. Faisal Mahmood (director)
F 4 F Accountants Ltd (London) - They have helped us in all our marketing material which we needed. The team is prompt and delivers on time. We found their prices very competitive and their work was excellent. Essence Solution definitely keep their promises. Abul Aman (director)
Azure Global Ltd (Pakistan) - We have been working with Essence Solution for past 4 years. We have always been provided with great quality work and on time. Very satisfied with their work and appreciate the attention they give to details. Foad Ahmed (marketing manager).

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